Purpose Statement

The Lowell Church of Christ exists to seek Him constantly, serve Him faithfully, and share Him boldly. Our vision is to address the needs of today’s family by communicating the truths of God’s Word in such a way that is:

  • Christ centered in content
  • Contemporary in presentation
  • Relevant in application
  • Relational in context

Why the family? In spite of the many problems that plague the family today, it is still the most basic building block of society. Without a doubt, it is the most significant sociological phenomenon recognized by man. Created by God to be the primary vehicle by which He demonstrates his love and grace to a lost people, the family continues to be the churches most valuable resource.

Christ Centered In Content

Everything that is done must be in accordance with the person of Jesus Christ. The now popular WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) expression must be the measuring stick for every activity in the church.

Contemporary In Presentation

While the message of the church must always remain the same, the methods by which it is presented ought to be customized for each new generation. Through the use of contemporary music styles and technology of the 21st century the message is conveyed with the same kind of freshness that touched the church of the first century.

Relevant In Application

People want to know, “What difference will Jesus make in my life?” The mission of the church is to demonstrate that the message of Christ is timeless and finds application for every generation of believers.

Relational In Context

People. God is interested in people. The most effective way to reach people with the love of Jesus is through relationships. Relationships are the primary “point of entry” into the church. The church, as the body of Christ, is comprised of many members and is always presented in scripture in the context of relationships.