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Getting It Right | Core 52

Covenant | Lesson 4

In a world of social media and facebook friends, genuine and real relationships are HARD. So, how can you get it right with your creator? The Bible addresses this head on. You CAN know God. You CAN live in His presence and with His power. Here’s how: Just follow God’s blueprints to get it right.

For the week of October 11, Pastor Chuck begins our discussion of the covenant God made with Abram. This covenant is God’s promise to layout the blueprints for getting right with God.

Review with Mark Moore

Core Verse | Genesis 15:6

English Standard Version (ESV)
And [Abram] believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness.

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New International Version (NIV)
Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.
Verse Practice with Mark Moore

Reading Schedule

Getting it Right

Oct 4 – Fall – Chapter 3
Oct 11 – Covenant – 4
Oct 18 – New Covenant – 16
Oct 25 – Election – 24
Nov 1 – Security – 36
Nov 8 – Grace – 45