Outdoor Service!!

UPDATED: 9/6/2020, 6:00 AM

Please note our outdoor service has been moved indoors.

Join us at 10:30 a.m.
for our outdoor service!

Get ready to worship outdoors as a BIG church family on Sunday, September 6, Labor Day weekend. We will host ONE service that morning at 10:30.  Because this is an outdoor event, and because social distancing is still encouraged, masks will not be required during the service.  However, if you would like to wear your mask, please do so and enjoy our day together.

Drive In Seating

For those who may find traversing the yard and setting up your own lawn chairs difficult or impossible, drive in seating is available to you.  Please note the yellow highlighted parking spaces on the map above.  These spaces will be reserved for those who are unable to use our general seating area due to physical limitations.

To use the drive in seating, simply park your car in one of the yellow highlighted parking spaces (these spaces are closest to the yard so you can still see) and turn on your car radio.  Our sound system will be transmitting our service via FM radio waves so you will be able to tune in.  We will let you know which station we are using on Sunday morning.

We ask that you do not leave your car running for the duration of the service.  If you use your radio please run the radio from your car battery as you would do so at a drive in theatre.  

General Seating & Personal Shelters

Each person and family should bring their own seating; lawn chairs, blankets, etc.  Easy-ups are welcome and encouraged to provide shade for the morning.  You are welcome to set up your easy-up anytime after 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.  MAKE SURE TO STAKE YOUR SHELTER WELL.    

As you can see from the map above, general seating is several feet away from the parking lot so that those utilizing the drive in parking will be able to see the staging area from their car.

Lunch & Yard Games

After service, all are invited to stay for lunch, yard games, and a time of sweet fellowship.  This is another reason easy-ups are welcome.  Due to health precautions, each individual and family is responsible for bringing their own place settings (this includes, but is not limited to, plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery) and food.  Lunch will not be potluck/buffet style and LCOC will not be providing any food.  So, pack a cooler and see you on September 6.

If you have a corn hole, or another yard game, feel free to bring it along.  

LCOC Playground

The playground will be open AFTER service is over.  No one should be on the playground during the church service.  Additionally, children MUST be accompanied by a parent or another adult in order to play on the playground.  LCOC is not providing supervision for the playground.