Church @ Home March 29

Our service this week is on demand. Use the links below to enjoy church at home at your own pace. Plus, Join us for a time of live fellowship. A chat room will be open at 10 a.m. on Sunday, March 29.

Children’s Church

Resources for family worship and children’s Bible lessons are available on our children’s ministry website. A Children’s church meet n’ greet is available at 8:45 on Sunday, March 29.

Live LCOC Meet n’ Greet

Start Time: Sunday, March 29 @10 a.m. CST

This is a video chat room with an available chat window. A webcam and microphone are not required. You can access this chat room via computer, mobile device. If you access the chat room by computer, no app is required. If you access the chat room via mobile device, you may be asked to download the Meet app.

Church Service On Demand

Use these videos any time at your own pace. We recommend continuing your worship time after the conclusion of the Live Meet n’ Greet. It is a beautiful thing to know that our church family is worshipping our Lord around the same time. However, you have the flexibility to complete these videos at your convenience.

Song Set

Click play to begin the music.

This song set includes: “Raise a Hallelujah,” “Build Your Kingdom Here,” “O Worship the King,” and “Crown Him.”

Teaching Video from Pastor Chuck

Press play to begin our teaching video.


Press play on the video at the end of this text for your communion time.

Celebrating Communion at Home or in Your Small Group We believe the context of a small group (such as family 😊) is a great place for communion to happen. The following paragraphs are meant to give you some guidelines to make this a meaningful celebration within your home.

What is communion? (The Lord’s Supper) It is the regular remembrance and celebration of the Lord’s sacrificial death. The breaking and eating of bread has to do with Christ’s body being broken on the cross. The drinking from the cup has to do with the shedding of Christ’s blood whereby we are forgiven (Matthew 26:26-28).

What is the purpose of communion? The primary purpose of communion is to take time to remember all that the Lord did for us. It is a time to worship and give thanks for the forgiveness of our sins and the new life and relationship that we have in Jesus Christ. This time of remembrance was initiated by Jesus just before His death. Because we tend to be forgetful people, in the Old Testament, believers were called to remember the faithfulness of God through various memorials. In the New Testament, this is the way Jesus wanted us to remember His love and forgiveness of our sins (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). These verses also explain that communion is a time of personal examination. It is a time to examine our relationship with the Lord and others (1 Corinthians 11:27-32).

Who can take communion? Any person who has believed in or trusted the Lord Jesus Christ alone for his or her salvation. How can we serve communion? There are many ways to serve communion. The Bible does not dictate a certain method. Feel free to be creative. The important thing to remember is that this is a time of worship. This is a time of celebration. This is a time of remembrance and reflection.

Vocals & Guitar: Jordan Harris, Drums: Noah Harris


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