Home Connection Week of Jan 12


Know: Timothy was to protect the Ephesian believers from false teachers and keep growing in His relationship with God and in ministry, setting an example for others.

Think: Growing in godly living strengthens my relationship with God and sets an example for others.

Do: Reject false teaching and practice the disciplines that will help you grow in godliness, setting a good example for others.


Read 1 Timothy 4:1-16. Having a pattern to follow makes all of life easier. God has given us examples (good and bad) throughout Scripture as patterns of what to do and what not to do. As believers, modeling genuine faith is necessary so that others may also follow and grow in their relationship to Christ.


Hold tightly to biblical truth, rejecting false teaching and growing in your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Pray that you and your family will be able to distinguish the truth from all of the lies the world throws at us.


OPTION 1: The Bible gives us many examples of what it looks like to live a godly life. None of the people in Scripture were perfect (except Jesus), but God was still able to use them. Make a paper chain with your child counting down to a special event in her life. Start the chain with a color pattern and have her finish the chain with the same pattern. Ask her if it was helpful to have the pattern to follow. Talk with her about how the Bible has a pattern of the spiritual disciplines it takes to live a godly life. If she follows this pattern, she can be an example to those around her.

OPTION 2: Divide your family into two smaller groups. Provide each group with a 24-piece children’s puzzle and race to see who can finish the puzzle the fastest. Take the box top with the picture away from one of the teams. Once the puzzle is completed by one of the teams, ask about the importance of an example or a pattern to follow. What are the greatest challenges to completing an assignment such as putting together a puzzle? For the group that had no picture, was the assignment a fair one? Could this task be completed without a picture? What would it require? What advantage does having the picture give? God gave us instructions about living right in His Word, but He also gave us Jesus as an example!


Today your child learned Paul wrote a letter to Timothy to encourage him. Paul told Timothy he was doing a good job serving God. Paul also reminded him that the Bible helps us make good choices and teaches us how to serve God. I Can Serve God by making good choices and helping others.


Today your student learned the Bible helps us know how to be a good example. He or she learned Jesus’ example is the one to follow. Your student was also challenged to lead by his or her example through his or her words, actions, love, and faith.


This Week’s Core: Freedom (Lesson 41)
Your Best You: As we kick off a new year, we tend to be more open to healthy habits. These six practices could potentially reroute the trajectory of your year. Think of this as your spiritual health club membership.