Home Connection Week of Nov 24


Know: All believers should keep learning and living out the faith and should pass it on to others.

Think: I will let God’s Word guide my daily living and will teach it to others.

Do: Keep learning and living out my faith and teach it to others.


Read Titus 2:1-15. There are some people we will always treasure. They truly were or are a gift from God. The way we treat others and react to situations reflects what we believe about God.


God has placed people in my life to learn from and to teach. Pray that you and your family would be able to identify the mentors that God has placed in your lives, and pray that each of you would be able to find someone to be a mentor to.


OPTION 1: You are never too old or too young to grow in your faith. The Bible gives specific instructions to many age groups on how we should live and interact with others. Find some of your child’s baby clothes or shoes and ask him or her to try them on. You may also find something that your child outgrew last year to try on. Your children are growing physically, but they are also growing mentally and spiritually. Even when we are no longer growing larger physically, we can still be learning and growing more like Jesus.

OPTION 2: Ask some of your family members to share about an older person who took time to teach them something about life or God. It can be another family member, a Sunday School teacher, a neighbor, or school teacher. What was special about him or her? Why do you remember this even many years later?


Today your child heard a Webster Family story where Rosie helped Mrs. Martin in a very special way. Rosie had just learned how God uses children to show love to others in the same way that Jesus loves them. Rosie was able to see how God was able to use her to help Mrs. Martin. Jesus Loves Children and wants them to show His love to others.


Today your student learned the Good Samaritan gives us a biblical example of how to show God’s love to others. God commands us to love others. When we show love, mercy, and compassion to others, we are modeling our faith. Your student was challenged to put his or her love for God and others into action.


We are responsible both to be learners and teachers of our faith in God. Remind your son of those who look up to him. Enumerate the opportunities your daughter has to teach by example and by contact. Talk about our responsibility to share what we are learning from God’s Word. Try a discovery swap this week at the dinner table. Each of you can teach something you learned during the day. Encourage one another to share spiritual truths too!