Home Connection Week of Nov 17


Know: Children are to obey and honor their parents, and parents are to bring their children up to know and follow the Lord.

Think: Consider it my privilege to honor my parents and to disciple my children and grandchildren.

Do: Honor my parents and train my children and grandchildren to know and follow the Lord.


Read Ephesians 6:1-4. Not everyone is a parent, but we have all been children. We are never too old to honor our parents.


Pray that you will be able to set an example for your children in how to follow God’s Word, and pray that your children will watch and follow your lead.


OPTION 1: It is easy to obey our parents when they are telling us to do something we want to. But it becomes much more difficult when they ask us to do things we don’t want to do. The Bible commands children to obey their parents because it brings glory to God. Play a game of “Red Light, Green Light” with your children. You can find the rules here: https://www.playworks.org/resource/ game-of-the-week-red-light-green-light/. Explain to them that it is important to listen and obey in order to win. Remind them that when they obey their parents, the Lord will bless them.

OPTION 2: In addition to housebreaking and teaching a dog how to walk while on a leash, you can train a dog to give kisses, speak, back up, shake paws, wave, spin, beg, roll over, play dead, take a bow, go to bed, and more. Some dogs can do amazing tricks and have wonderful trainers. How is this different from training our children in the Lord? Which is more difficult? Which is more important?


Today your child heard a Webster Family story where Jamie talked to his dad about a verse in the Bible he didn’t understand. Jesus Loves Children and wants them to learn about Him by asking questions and turning to the Bible for answers to them. Jamie’s dad reminded him that when we believe in Jesus, we are part of His family.


Today your student learned Ephesians 6 tells us that families are to love God at home. God commands us to love and honor our parents. We are to show God’s love for others, especially in our homes. We can honor our families through our thoughts, words, and actions.


Even though your teens are nearing adulthood, obedience to parents is still required (Ephesians 6:1-3 and Colossians 3:20). Honoring our parents is commanded by the Scripture, and your teens were reminded of that as they studied God’s plan for families today. Give your teenager two practical examples of ways you would feel honored by her attitudes and actions this week; see if she will rise to your expectations.