Home Connection Week of Oct 13


Know: Jonah thanked God for hearing and answering his cry for help.

Think: I will pray with confidence knowing God hears and answers the humble prayers of His people.

Do: Humbly cry out to God for help when in need, and worship and thank Him when He answers.


Read Jonah 2:1-10. Though often underestimated, prayer is one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of the Christian. Prayer is to be practiced, diligent, and personal. Jonah, in Jonah 2, demonstrates how all these components are part of the prayers God answers.


Pray as someone who desperately needs God, no matter your circumstances. Thank God for the gift of prayer, and pray that you and your family will recognize your constant need for God.


OPTION 1: Prayer is our way of directly communicating with the Creator of the world. He hears and answers every single one of our prayers, no matter how insignificant they may seem. We need God and He hears our prayers. When we receive the answer to those prayers, we should respond to them with thanksgiving. Encourage your child to keep a prayer journal. You can take her to the store to pick one out. With this journal, she can keep track of the things she prays about. When her prayers are answered, she can write the answer to prayer in her journal and praise and thank God for His care.

OPTION 2: Watch the video about children talking about prayer, the importance of it, and the simplicity of it at https://bit.ly/2F5XELE. While the video is humorous, it is valuable in beginning a discussion about prayer. Ask the following questions:
• What did you most appreciate about the video we just watched?
• What is one lesson about prayer we can learn from the discussion about prayer with the kids?


Today your child learned God sent a giant fish to swallow Jonah. He talked to God for three days and three nights when he was in the fish’s belly. He thanked God for saving him even though he had made a bad choice. He promised God he would obey Him. We can learn from Jonah to obey God because God’s Ways Are Best.


Today your student learned a large fish swallowed Jonah, and he spent three days and nights in the fish’s belly. Jonah thought about his disobedience and prayed to God, who heard and responded to his prayer. God hears and answers our prayers. Your student was challenged to faithfully communicate with God this week.


God hears our desperate prayers. That was one of the lessons from Jonah 2 your teens discussed today—and prayers from the belly of a great fish are quite desperate! Encourage your teens to make prayer a regular part of the day, establishing good disciplines by keeping a list of prayer requests and following an effective prayer pattern (like ACTS: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication).