Home Connection Week of Sept 22


Know: Our family relationships, work relationships, and relationships with unbelievers are to reflect love, submission, and integrity.

Think: All my interactions with others are opportunities to glorify Christ.

Do: Interact with everyone at home, at work, and in the world in ways that honor Christ and point people to Him.


Read Colossians 3:18—4:6. Paul understood the importance of the Christian household in the society of his day. All participants—wife, husband, children, servants—had their roles and responsibilities. The arena of ordinary life provided daily opportunities to show how much the gospel had transformed not only their actions, but also their outlook.


Glorify Christ by being careful about the way we live and speak when interacting with the lost. Pray that you and your family will be examples of Christ’s love to everyone you come in contact with, especially those who are not Christ followers.


OPTION 1 As Christians, we should put others before ourselves, always work hard, watch how we react, and set an example to the lost around us. We have to submit to God’s will for our lives. Play a game of Simon Says with your children. You should play as Simon first and then let your children take turns being Simon. When they are playing the game, they have to submit to Simon’s rules. When they commit their lives to Christ, they have to submit to Christ and follow what the Bible teaches.

OPTION 2 Winston Churchill came up with the phrase, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and others have used it since his time. What does it mean? How important is it for believers to redeem opportunities to show the gospel?


John was a messenger for God who told the people about a man who was greater than he was, Jesus. John taught the people about Jesus so they could learn how to live like Him. Today your child learned John wanted everyone to know Jesus and one day live in Heaven with Him. I Can Learn About Jesus and tell others about Him too.


This week your student learned a good and faithful servant is obedient to Jesus, has the right attitude, is thankful for His blessings, and is wise with his or her time. Jesus rewards His followers now and in eternity. We are to be good and faithful servants of Jesus through our words and actions.


Your teenagers studied Colossians’ emphasis on godly relationships. In our families, teens should obey their parents in order to please the Lord. We should work diligently, in school or at a job, knowing the Lord is the ultimate authority in our lives. We should speak and act with grace to others, in order to make opportunities to share the gospel. All of our relationships should reflect Jesus; whatever we do, we should do to honor Him.