Home Connection Week of Sept 8


Know: We were spiritually dead in our sins until God gave us forgiveness and spiritual life through our faith in Christ.

Think: God has given me life, forgiveness, and fullness through faith in Christ.

Do: Keep living in accordance to the truth about Christ, not relying on human philosophy and tradition.


Read Colossians 2:6-23. Paul understood Christian faith needs constant nurture. There is no “set and forget” setting. Instead, we must daily refresh our minds and hearts to obey God. The right kind of obedience often involves an element of discomfort. Even then, we should not take pride in ourselves.


Trust in Christ, not in man-made religion and works, for right standing with God. Pray that you and your family will use the Bible to guide your relationship with God instead of the opinions of those around you.


OPTION 1: We are all spiritually dead in our sins until we accept God’s gift of salvation, which makes us come alive. It takes time and effort to grow this new life in Christ. Talk with your children about what it takes to plant a garden. Can they just plant seeds and walk away expecting plants to grow? A garden takes a lot of hard work and time to nurture. You have to prepare the soil before planting the seeds, water the seeds, and make sure the seeds are getting the proper amount of sunlight. Just like a garden, their relationship with God will take time and care. They can grow their relationship through prayer and reading their Bibles.

OPTION 2: Ask your family to share their experiences with rooting plants or building structures. How well do plants thrive if not cared for on a regular basis? Plant seeds in two different paper cups, and water only one of them to illustrate how nurturing a plant will help it to grow. How well do buildings endure if not properly maintained? You may take a car ride to find an old shed or barn as an illustration!


Today your child learned that as John grew older, he traveled and told people Jesus was the Light of the world and was full of grace and truth. As the people learned about Jesus, they chose to follow Him. John baptized so many people that he came to be known as John the Baptist. I Can Learn About Jesus just like the people did.


Today your student learned we were spiritually dead in our sins and only Jesus gives us life. We can never be right with God by keeping His laws. He or she was challenged to use God’s Word as a reminder of the truths about placing our faith in Jesus.


The second chapter of Colossians focuses on the before and after pictures of believers. Before we met Jesus, we were spiritually dead in our sins, tied to religious regulations, and cheated by the world’s empty philosophies. Your teens learned today that a relationship with Jesus changes all of that, making us alive in Christ and complete in Him.