Home Connection Week of Sept 1


Know: Christ is preeminent and supreme over all.

Think: I was created to give glory to Jesus through faithful, obedient living.

Do: Keep walking closely with Christ, steadfast in the hope the gospel provides.


Read Colossians 1:9-23. Some skills require study, but many important skills require learning through doing—poorly at first, but better over time with practice. Imagine learning to eat or walk without actually eating or walking! Christian living is similar. We learn by doing, and God sees Christ’s success, not our “warts and all.”


Establish Christ as preeminent over every area of your life. Pray that you and your family will surrender every aspect of your life to God. Pray that you and your family will be able to identify the areas in your lives that are most difficult to surrender to Him.


OPTION 1: Christ has preeminent rule over all creation, therefore He should also have preeminent rule over our lives. We were created to glorify God by giving every aspect of our lives over to God. Sit down with your child and help him make a list of the different areas of his life, like school, sports, family, and friends. Talk with him about his daily activities in these areas. Is he using them to to honor and glorify the Lord? Which areas are the easiest to surrender to the Lord? The hardest? Pray with your child that he will be able to surrender all areas of his life to the Lord, even those he wants to hold onto.

OPTION 2: Ask which comes first—learning or doing? Ask your family to give examples of things that we can only learn by doing, as well as some that we have to learn before we do. Why is it important to learn in both ways?


Today your child learned an angel named Gabriel told Zechariah that he and his wife would have a son. They would name him John. Zechariah and Elizabeth were older and they were very surprised. Elizabeth’s cousin was Mary, the mother of Jesus. The angel said John would help others learn about Jesus.
I Can Learn About Jesus.


Today your student learned Jesus is the image of God, creator, the head of the Church, and the winner over sin and death. He or she learned we serve Jesus, the ruler and Lord over the universe. He or she was challenged to focus on a different characteristic of Jesus and praise Him for it each day this week.


When we see Jesus Christ as the preeminent, most important one, we can put our lives into perspective. As our Creator and Redeemer, He deserves a place of honor in all that we do. Your teens learned from Colossians 1 about our matchless Savior; knowing who He is motivates us to keep growing to know and please Him more.