Room for Doubt


Join us for a groundbreaking series that addresses “Basic Question” and doubts people face every day.  Perhaps you ponder some of the very same topics.  Together, we will find that there is Room for Doubt in our church family.

“Room For Doubt (R4D) is addressing the growing need among youth and adults, both inside and outside the church, who have sincere questions and doubts about the Christian faith. It seeks to encourage questions, address doubts, and strengthen faith.”  –

What Is It?

“Basic Questions” is a six-week message series and discussion curriculum for individual churches, area-wide campaigns, small groups, Christian schools, and campus ministries.  It includes message/sermon manuscripts, an Adult Discussion Guide, a Youth Discussion Guide (high school & college), a number of videos, and other resources.

Who is it For?

The Room For Doubt Series is for those who want to discuss some of the big questions about the Christian faith in an open and honest environment.  It’s for those who have questions and doubts about Christianity and for those who want to help others who have questions and doubts.

What Will be discussed?

Visit our ROOM FOR DOUBT mini site at for more information.

  • Is Doubt Always Bad? | Aug 25
  • Does God Really Exist? | Sept 1
  • Is the Bible Full of Myths and Mistakes? | Sept 8
  • Why Do Christians Say that Jesus is God’s Son? | Sept 15
  • Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering? | Sept 22
  • Is It Intolerant to Say that Jesus is the Only Way? | Sept 29
  • Community Q&A Session | SATURDAY, Oct 5
  • Wrap Up | Oct 6

Extend the conversation in a weekly Life Group.  Contact the church office about Life Group opportunities.

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