Home Connection Aug 18


Know: Lives change when people hear and respond to the gospel in faith.

Think: I can be confident and bold in sharing the gospel, knowing it changes lives.

Do: Share the gospel in faith, believing in the power of Jesus to change anyone.


Read Acts 9:1-31. When you look at them side by side, it is hard to believe that a caterpillar can become a beautiful butterfly. The world is full of examples of what seems to be impossible. The story of the gospel—of Jesus coming to earth to pay the penalty of our sins, rising again, and preparing a place for us in Heaven—can also seem hard to believe. Saul once was a persecutor of the church, but he was transformed into an influential missionary and disciple by the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.


Present Jesus to the world exactly as He is. Pray that you and your family will spend daily time with God, so you will be able to know and share the truth about Jesus with others.


OPTION 1: Jesus is the key to the gospel. Only He has the power to change lives, so we have to be careful to present Him just as He is to others. Come up with two truths about yourself and then come up with a lie that is close to the truth, maybe one word off. Have your children try to guess which statement is the lie. Talk about how hard it was to tell the difference between the truth and the lie. Remind your children that this is why it is important to make sure that you are always speaking the truth about Jesus and the gospel. They are perfect and life changing just the way they are. 

OPTION 2: Watch a fixer-upper television show with your family and comment on the changes you see in the home. Find some “before” and “after” shots of a makeover for a person. Talk about the changes both in the house and the person’s appearance. Ask your family to think about change and how it can be a powerful force for good. Do you think your family resists change? Is that good or bad? What are some things that motivate people to make a change? What are some outside influences that bring change? How does the gospel bring change?


Today your child heard a parable about a woman who had lost one of her ten coins. Each one was very special to her, so she searched and searched carefully for her lost coin until she found it. Just like the coins were special to the woman, We Are Special to God.


Today your student learned how powerful the gospel is and how it can drastically change a person’s life as they studied the transformation of Saul. Your student was encouraged to thank Jesus for changing his or her life and reminded not to take the gospel for granted.


Where would you be without a gospel that can change lives? We can try programs and resolutions and self-help books, but the gospel has power to make changes in our lives. Paul the apostle was the example your teens’ class looked at today. Who in your family, church, or community could you count as another example of someone whose life was changed by the gospel? Tell your family the story of your conversion to Christianity. Our testimonies are a wonderful way to share the good news.