Home Connection Week of Aug 11


Know: Sharing the gospel is an integral part of a faithful Christian life.

Think: Sharing the gospel is my primary earthly mission.

Do: Be involved in sharing the gospel with those you come in contact with and help send those who take the gospel to other places.


Read Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:6-11; Romans 10:8-17. Every believer became a believer because of the gospel—specifically because the gospel was shared with him or her. The term literally means “good news,” an indication that it is meant to be declared. Sharing the gospel is an essential part of the life of all believers.


Make sharing the gospel a normal part of your life of worship. Pray that you and your family will be aware of the daily opportunities you have to share the gospel with others. Pray that God will give you the courage and words when you have those opportunities.


OPTION 1: Sometimes it can be scary when you think about talking to other people about Jesus. However, all Christians are called to evangelize and should be bold in proclaiming the transforming power of the gospel. Pray with your child about looking for opportunities to share Jesus with friends at school. Find a missionary card at your church or online and put it on your fridge. Pray with your child for that family as they are daily sharing the gospel with those around the world. Remind her to pray for the missionaries every time she sees their picture on the fridge.

OPTION 2: Ask every family member (grandparents too!) if he or she remembers who first shared the gospel with him or her. Do you know who shared it with that person? It would be interesting to trace a spiritual family tree to see the generations of influence God used to bring us to Himself. What about those who come after you? Have you shared the gospel with someone else?


Today your child learned more about the parable of the shepherd who lost and then found his sheep. When he found the one sheep, he told his friends and neighbors and they celebrated. God wants us to love, obey, and follow Him. God celebrates when one of His sheep that was lost is found. We can know We Are Special to God.


Today your student learned Jesus instructed His disciples to share the gospel with others. We are to share the gospel with those around us too. The Holy Spirit will give us the strength, encouragement, and words to say. Your child was challenged to look for ways to share the gospel through words and actions.


Sharing the good news with friends may seem awkward at first, but this life-giving message is too valuable to keep to ourselves. Today your teenagers learned we are commissioned to share the good news. Help your teen find comfortable and even uncomfortable ways to talk to others about Jesus. Teens learn best by example! Learn more about a missionary this week and, as a family, pray for their work.