Home Connection Week of Aug 4


Know: The gospel is infused with the supernatural power of God.

Think: God’s supernatural power is what makes the gospel effective.

Do: Proclaim the gospel with confidence and boldness as you trust in God’s power.


Read Romans 1:16-17; Galatians 3:1-14, 23-29; 1 Corinthians 1:18—2:5. On August 7, 2007 Barry Bonds hit career home run number 756, passing the all-time career home run mark of 755 set by Hank Aaron. For many baseball fans, however, there is a giant asterisk in their minds next to Bonds’ numbers. He played during a time when performance-enhancing drug use was rampant in baseball and became a symbol of what is now known as the “steroid era.” Despite his gaudy statistics, for many, the source of the power was all that mattered. When it comes to the gospel, the source of the power really is all that matters.


Proclaim the gospel without discrimination. Pray that you and your family will remember that the gospel is for all people, not just the people who are most like you.


OPTION 1: The gospel is full of God’s supernatural power. It has the same message for every man and woman, and it has the ability to turn our sinful natures to righteous ones. We are all called to share the gospel and declare His glory. Talk with your child about his favorite superheroes. What powers do they have? Tell him what your favorite super-power is. Just as superheroes have awesome powers, so does God. God uses His powers to transform lives through the power of the gospel. Pray with your child that he will be bold in sharing God’s power with others.

OPTION 2: For an hour or two, turn off the power in your house. (Leave on the refrigerator and freezer, but try to do without electric lights, appliances, and hot water.) Talk with your children about pioneer days when there was no air conditioning and no television. How do they feel when the power is off? If our power goes out, we look for reasons, like a storm or accident that knocked out an electrical transformer. The gospel is full of God’s power. His supernatural power enables the good news about Jesus Christ to transform lives. What if your neighbors’ house across the street had electricity but your power was still out? How would that make you feel? Our job as believers is to share the powerful gospel with those who do not know Jesus.


Today your child learned about a parable Jesus told His followers. A shepherd had 100 sheep, but one became lost. The shepherd left the 99 to search for the one. We are like the sheep and Jesus is our Shepherd. He looks for us when we are lost because He loves us and wants us to be with Him.  We Are Special to God.


Today your student learned the gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful and is for anyone who believes. The gospel does not change, but it has the power to change people. He or she was challenged to be aware of the ways the power of the gospel is working in his or her life.


Your teenagers studied about the powerful message of the gospel this week. We have courage and boldness when we have a powerful tool or weapon at our disposal. What does that mean for believers who have the weapon of God’s Word with the power of the gospel? Take a road trip to a power plant, dam, or windmill in your area and talk about the power generated there. Or raise the car’s hood and talk about the powerful engine, especially compared to early car engines. The gospel is much more powerful! It can save!