Home Connection Week of July 28


Know: There are consequences to our sinful choices and actions.

Think: Guard against sin, remembering it brings consequences.

Do: Repent of all sin and walk closely with God, obeying His Word.


Read 2 Kings 25:1-21. From Genesis 3 onward, humanity has been known for disobedience. This disobedience always has consequences in some form or fashion.


Repent of all disobedience and walk in God’s ways. Remind your family members to daily acknowledge their sins before God and ask Him for forgiveness. Pray that you and your family will be able to turn from those sins and choose God’s way in the future.


OPTION 1: King Zedekiah chose to rebel against God and Babylon resulting in negative consequences for him and his kingdom. Find a set of dominoes and help your child stand them up next to each other to form a line. Let her be creative with the design but help her so that the dominoes do not fall over. Once you have used all the dominoes to form a long line, have your child push over the first domino in the line. Talk with her about the consequences of that choice. Because she chose to knock over the first domino, all of the other dominoes that she took the time to set up were also knocked down.

OPTION 2: Ask your family members to share one specific instance when they can recall being disobedient in some way. These examples may range from stealing a piece of bubble gum to staying out past curfew. After each member shares, ask, “What was the result of your disobedience? Were you caught or found out? If so, what was the punishment? Did the ‘punishment’ fit the ‘crime’?” (Note: this is not to glorify the actions but instead is to focus on the resulting consequences.) When everyone has shared their stories, ask, “What stands out to you about the stories shared? What do each of these stories have in common?”


Today your child learned God promised to care for a poor woman and her family who shared her food with Elijah. Later, the woman’s son became ill and died. She found Elijah and asked him to help her son. Elijah prayed to God to help bring the young boy back to life, and God did. I Can Talk to God and ask Him for help.


Today your student studied the consequences that resulted because of the sinful choices and actions made by Zedekiah and God’s people. He or she was reminded that disobedience brings bad consequences, but obedience brings blessings. Your student was encouraged to choose obedience and avoid bad consequences.


Judah and Jerusalem were captured by the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. Your students learned today that the consequences of disobedience are severe. God must punish those who refuse to follow Him. Sin always brings destruction and captivity, even though we may not see its results immediately. When we minimize sin or excuse it, we may be surprised by its consequences. When we see sin from the viewpoint of a holy God, we are more likely to avoid it. Ask your teen about speed limit signs. Are they enough to keep people from speeding? How does the threat of punishment help?