Home Connection Week of July 14


Know: Our choices set the course for our lives and influence the lives of others around us.

Think: Choosing what is good and right is always best in the long run.

Do: Choose daily to walk with God and obey His word.


Read 2 Chronicles 17:3-13; 18:1; 21:1-6; 22:1-12. Life is full of choices. Some choices are good and some are not so good. As believers, we strive to make decisions that would honor God, that would be true to His Word, and that would influence others in a positive way.


Our decisions can affect generations of people. Pray that you and your family will seek out godly wisdom in every decision you have to make. Pray that you will think about the consequences of your choices and how they will affect your life and the lives of others.


OPTION 1: Throughout its history, Judah had both good and evil kings. King Jehoshaphat was one of the good kings who tried his best to follow God and make good choices. Because of that, God blessed his kingdom. Talk with your child about how every choice he makes will have consequences and will influence those around him. Put some cooked pasta in a bowl to represent the people in his life. Drop some food coloring in the bowl to represent his choices. The pasta will be changed by the food coloring. Remind your child that God will bless his good choices and will use them to point others to Him.

OPTION 2: With your family, compile a list of individuals in Scripture who made an unwise choice or choices. Write the names alongside the “foolish” choice(s) they made. After completing this, ask the following questions.
• What is one thing that all the individuals mentioned have in common?
• What is one lesson you can learn from looking at this list?
• After discussing this list, what is one piece of advice that you would offer to someone on the verge of making an unwise choice right now?


Today your child learned King Ahab became very angry when Elijah gave him God’s message. Just as God said, there wasn’t any rain. Elijah was scared, but God kept him safe. Elijah talked to God and He gave him protection and courage to do hard things. I Can Talk to God when I am scared.


Today your student learned how the rulers of Judah influenced the people of Judah in their obedience and disobedience to God. He or she learned people and things have a great impact on our choices. Students were also encouraged to make sure they are following people who influence them to follow God.


Today, your teen studied the lives of three kings of Judah—Jehoshaphat, Jehoram, and Ahaziah—and the long-term impact of their choices. Though Jehoshaphat followed God, his alliance with Israel’s wicked King Ahab eventually cost the lives of his sons and grandsons (except for little Joash) and brought idolatry to Judah. You are a product of your own choices, but you are also a product of the choices of others. Are you brave enough to take your teen for a driving lesson this afternoon? Find an empty parking lot and let him or her practice parking or parallel parking. This ought to give you lots of opportunities to talk about making good choices!