Home Connection Week of July 7


Know: God rewards the faithfulness of those who seek and follow His will.

Think: I rely on God’s power to live for God and do what He calls me to do.

Do: Remain Faithful to God’s calling, depending on His power to do the work He assigns you.


Read 2 Kings 2:1-15. While there are many factors that contribute to a person’s success and influence, determination is a must. Every great servant of God possessed determination that would not let them quit, regardless of how difficult things may have been.


Determine to faithfully walk with God each day, seeking and doing His will. Pray that you and your family will remember that faith is not only about your gifts and ministry, but also your walk with God. Pray that you will make the time to focus on your walk daily.


OPTION 1: Even in his last days, Elijah listened to God’s directions and served Him without question. Elisha could have given up on Elijah in his old age, but he traveled with him until the end. When Elijah was taken by the chariot of fire, Elisha recognized that everything Elijah had done was through God’s power; Elisha asked to be blessed with that as well. Encourage your children to write thank you notes to some of the faithful servants of God they know. This could be their pastors, grandparents, teachers, or mentors. Thank them for their determination to serve God no matter what and for allowing God’s power to work through them.

OPTION 2: Ask your family to define determination and to identify what part, if any, determination plays in a person’s success. Share a video or story of an individual who models determination. (For instance, bit.ly/EzraFrench provides the story of a young man who was born with one leg and how he had to use determination to overcome adversity.) Ask, “What can we earn from stories like these? How can a person increase his or her level of determination when all of life seems to be fighting against him or her?”


Today your child learned Elijah and God talked often. God sent Elijah to tell King Ahab to stop worshiping false gods because there was only one true God. Ahab became angry with Elijah and disobeyed God. Elijah told KingAhab that until he chose to obey God, there would be no rain in his country. I Can Talk to God like Elijah did.


This week your student learned about some of the powerful miracles God did through Elisha. He or she was reminded to depend on God’s power for answered prayers, providing for his or her needs, and forgiveness of sin. We are to depend on God’s power to help us obey Him.


When Elijah was taken up into Heaven in the chariot of fire, Elisha witnessed the event. His prayer to take up the position of his mentor, Elijah, was answered, and God blessed him from the start. With God’s power, Elisha worked miracles and continued as God’s prophet for the nation of Israel. Talk together about being “next in line,” following someone in a job, office, position, or leadership role. How do you deal with expectations? How can you be yourself in the new role? In what ways will God help you?