Home Connection Week of May 19


Know: Christianity is uniquely grounded in the person, life, and historical resurrection of Jesus.

Think: Among all religious options, only Christianity withstands the test of history and time.

Do: Respond confidently and compassionately to objections raised against the truth of Christianity.


Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-19; Mark 1:14-20; John 21:25; Matthew 8:23-27; Romans 3:21-26. People sometimes say that all religions are essentially the same. It is true that there are many common beliefs and practices across religions. But there are also massive differences that relate to the character and nature of God, the means of salvation, and the afterlife. And in particular, Jesus and His teachings set Christianity apart from
other religions.


God’s grace should make us humble and thankful, not proud. Pray that you and your family will recognize that it is only by the grace of God that we receive salvation.


OPTION 1: Our world is full of different religions, so how do we know that Christianity is the only one that is true? Christianity is unique because the life of Jesus can be historically proven. The gospel is good news, not just good advice we are giving to people. Find a newspaper in print or online to look at with your children. Point out the differences in the new articles and the advice columns. The articles are full of facts that can be proven, and the advice columns are full of feelings and reactions. Which of those are they more likely to trust? It is much easier to believe in something that can be proven.

OPTION 2: Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology abound with stories about gods and goddesses who were religious figures in their cultures. Can your family name some of them? Were they real people, who existed in history? No. But Jesus Christ was not a myth or legend. He did exist in history. His miracles were documented by eyewitnesses and recorded by those who knew Him. We can trust the claims of Christianity!


Today your child learned we are God’s masterpiece. He or she heard a Webster Family story where Rosie learned a valuable lesson about how to use words and actions with God’s masterpiece. God Made Me Special and my words and actions should build others up because God made them special too.


Today your student learned Christianity is unique because it is historical, offers eternal life, is seen in miracles, and is based on grace. The Bible gives us evidence of its uniqueness. We can use God’s Word to defend our faith.


Your teen studied apologetics today in the question of what makes Christianity different from other world religions. Its basis in history, its focus on grace (not earning our salvation), and its emphasis on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus distinguish it from any other religion. Christianity is not a myth or legend. It is not merely someone’s opinion or advice. Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ—and that is good news!