Home Connection Week of May 12


Know: Every life, regardless of any circumstance, is valuable.

Think: Every life is valuable because every person is made in the image of God.

Do: Every person should be treated with dignity because they are image bearers of their Creator.


Read Genesis 1:26-27; 2:7; 9:5-6; Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:13-16. As children, some of our treasures actually weren’t valuable at all. Yet, we guarded or protected those things because they were simply valuable to us. Now, we understand the nature of value much more and can usually identify things of worth. But, does knowing that something is valuable have an impact on how we may treat that something? Does it impact us within our culture? What about within the church? If we knew that every person was incredibly valuable, regardless of appearance, status, skin color, ethical or political position, would we treat him or her as someone of great value?


Every human being is an image bearer of the Creator; therefore, every human being has purpose. Pray that you and your family will be able to see the value and purpose in all people, and that God will help you live out your purpose.


OPTION 1: The Bible says that Adam and Eve were created in the image of God. Every human being is an image bearer of Christ. To explain what this means to your child, have her take a silly selfie on your phone. Show her the picture and ask if the picture is her. Tell her that the picture isn’t her because it is just an image of her. It can show someone what your child looks like and a little bit about her. As image bearers of Christ, we are not God, but we can show people what He looks like and a little bit about Him. Since everyone bears the image of God, everyone has value.

OPTION 2: Name some items that are considered very valuable today [Mona Lisa, Honus Wagner baseball card, Action Comics #1, diamond-crusted Rolex, an original Rembrandt, one of the 300 original Chevrolet Corvettes, etc.]. Invite your family to add to your list of valuable items. Ask them, Why are these items considered valuable? What determines the value of these items? Does your knowledge of a thing’s value affect the way you may treat that thing?


Today your child learned God made each person different. He or she heard a Webster Family story where Mrs. Martin helps Annie understand that God can use each person’s differences for His purpose. God Made Me Special and different from anyone else.


Today your student learned every person is valuable because he or she is created in God’s image. We are intelligent and moral. We have abilities. We are giving and eternal. He or she learned every life is valuable to God and was challenged to treat others in ways to show they are valuable to him or her and to God.


This Mother’s Day, rejoice in the value of human life! Help your teenagers celebrate the mother and grandmothers God gave to them. Google abortion statistics for the year your child was born to help him or her understand the “chances” of being born that year. (For instance, in 2004, the CDC reported the abortion rate at 238 abortions per 1000 live births.) Because people are created in God’s image, every life is precious.