Home Connection Week of May 5


Know: The fact that we exist at all is evidence for the existence of God.

Think: God has to exist for life to exist.

Do: Investigate the evidences beyond Scripture that project an eternal Creator God.


Read Genesis 1:1; Romans 1:19-20; Psalm 19:1; Psalm 148; Romans 2:12-15; Hebrews 10:16. Whether it is due to the current bias within our culture’s scientific educational system, a series of books written by secular thinkers, or experiences with difficult moments in life, we have had or will have moments where our kneejerk reaction is to question the existence of God. However, it is possible that we can know that God exists, regardless of our current circumstances.


The existence of all life offers evidence of the existence of a personal God, who has made Himself known to us through His creation. Pray with your family and thank God for the continuous ways He declares His existence.


OPTION 1: Some people continually try to prove that God is not real. As Christians, we can have confidence that we believe in a God who is real. Besides the evidence in Scripture, all we have to do is go outside to see that God exists. Take a walk or a bike ride with your family, either down your street or at a park. Point out all of God’s creation, like the trees, clouds, animals. Explain to your child that all of creation points to a Creator. Everyone and everything you point out will have such detail in its design that a Creator God had to intentionally make it.

OPTION 2: Have your family discuss some of their favorite things, like movies, songs, sports, novels, etc. After your discussion, ask the following questions:
• How did some of these favorite things come to be? (directors, producers, authors, cooks, crops, construction workers, etc.)
• Did any of these things materialize accidentally?


Today your child learned God is the Creator of all things. He or she heard a Webster Family story where Jamie, Annie, and Rosie learned God created each person and made each one of us special. Your child learned God made each person special. God Made Me Special too.


Today your student learned God is real because of His creations, our sense of morality, and through His Son, Jesus. He or she learned believing God is real should change what we do. Students were encouraged to live their lives so others can see their belief that God is real.


Your teens looked at the “first cause” argument for God today; we can know God exists because we can see His creation. We can also see the intricacies of His creation—pointing to a Designer, not some cosmological accident. There are some huge philosophical and apologetic ideas here. Encourage your teen to find some answers for challenges about the existence of God. Share a book on Christian apologetics (like Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict) together, attaching sticky note comments for one another as you read a chapter at a time.