Home Connection Week of April 21


Know: Jesus was crucified and then laid in a tomb. On the third day He was raised from the dead to bring us everlasting life.

Think: Live with the assurance that sin no longer separates me from God.

Do: Walk with God daily, worshiping and serving my risen Savior.


Read Luke 23:26-46; 24:1-12. While there are big events that each of us have experienced, nothing compares to the “event” of the resurrection of Jesus. Just as these events may be life-changing, the events recorded in our passages today change everything. The benefits will be experienced from now throughout eternity and are intended for all of humanity to partake of and to enjoy.


Worship the risen Savior and tell the world He lives. Pray with your family and thank God for what He did for you on the cross. Pray that you will make decisions that glorify God and point others to Him.


OPTION 1: Jesus lived a perfect life, free from sin. Because of this, He was able to die on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Because of this life-changing event, we are no longer bound to our sins, and we have the freedom to walk with God daily. Talk with your children about world-changing events in history, like wars, peace treaties, and disease. Talk about how these events have changed the world for better and for worse. Explain to them that no other event in history could ever compare to the resurrection when Jesus died so that they can live. They should use this new life to serve and glorify God.

OPTION 2: Enlist an individual outside of your family to join you to share a life changing event from his or her life. Find someone who has a significant event that would be unusual or uncommon. This event could be a tragic one such as the unexpected death of a loved one or it could be a joyous one such as a trip out of the country or the opportunity to meet royalty. Ask that person to tell his or her story briefly, and allow time for family members to ask follow-up questions.


Today your child learned a rich man named Joseph took Jesus’ body from the cross and placed it in a guarded tomb. Three days later Mary and Mary Magdalene discovered the tomb was empty. They saw Jesus and knew Jesus Is the Risen King.


Today your student learned Jesus was crucified on the cross and rose again three days later. He or she learned Jesus demonstrated mercy in sacrifice when He gave His life for our sin. Students were encouraged to worship God as their risen Savior and share the message of His sacrifice to those around them.


Though the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus may not be new to your teenager, help to make today’s lesson have new dimension. Instead of Easter’s focus on eggs and rabbits and chocolate, encourage your family to read together Luke 22:39 through Luke 24:53—the entire story of the betrayal, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. Note the response of the disciples after Jesus returned to Heaven (Luke 24:52-53). Is this your family’s response too?