Home Connection March 17


Know: We find no satisfaction in constantly striving for more money and possessions.

Think: Keep in mind that apart from God, money and possessions do not satisfy.

Do: Make knowing God my highest priority and be content with what I have.


Read Ecclesiastes 5:8—6:12. Getting ahead is constantly on people’s minds. Some succeed. Others do not. Getting ahead never guarantees happiness or satisfaction in life. We never know what is coming around the corner. Contentment and satisfaction are wonderful gifts from God, and they keep us from living under the sun.


Stop striving for more and be content with what you have. Pray with your family and thank God for all the things He has blessed you with, big and small.


OPTION 1: No matter how many earthly possessions God has blessed us with, we find it hard to be content and happy with what we have. We are constantly trying to find the next big thing in hopes that it will leave us satisfied, but we will never be satisfied by earthly things. Have your child make a list of all the things in her bedroom or playroom. When her list becomes extensive or she cannot think of anything else, talk with her about how those things are all possessions that God has blessed her with and she should enjoy them. But, she will only find satisfaction in her relationship with God.

OPTION 2: Ask your family to talk about what words or ideas come to mind when you say satisfaction. How much do they see it as something to seek rather than something to enjoy?


Today your child learned Naaman went to the king of Syria and explained what the young girl had said. The king sent a letter to the king of Israel, who became very upset upon reading it. He knew only God could heal Naaman. The prophet Elisha trusted God would help him heal Naaman, and he sent for him. I Can Trust God too.


Today your student learned there are many contradictions between what the world and the Bible tell us will give us peace. He or she learned how two men, Nicodemus and Brother Lawrence, found peace in Jesus. Your student discussed and was encouraged to incorporate seven different peace practices into his or her life.


Your teens explored the idea of contentment today as they studied about Solomon’s reflections on material possessions. More is never enough. Is there something that you can do to improve your family’s satisfaction with what they already have? You may spend some time with refugee families or at a homeless shelter. You may challenge your teenager to fast for a 24- hour period—either from food, social media, video games, or something else that consumes their attention. Accept the same challenge from your teen!