Home Connection Mar 3


Know: Fulfillment in life cannot be found in the things of this world.

Think: Be conscious of the fact that earthly pursuits do not bring meaning and satisfaction.

Do: Pursue meaning through knowing and following God.


Read Ecclesiastes 1:1-18. Solomon wrote about life’s meaninglessness. He painted a depressing picture, especially at first. Our limited ability to remember what preceded us fed his overall anxiety. Without God, we merely exist. We are just living under the sun. The key to wisdom is not to live just under the sun!


Pursue what is lasting and eternal, rather than what is earthly and fleeting. Pray that you and your family will be able to set your eyes on eternal things and store up your treasures in Heaven.


OPTION 1: People want a purpose and a reason for doing everything. The world looks for their meaning in how others see them, but as Christians, we look for our meaning in knowing and serving God. Talk with your child about the meaning of his name. As his parent, you had a reason for choosing that specific name. His name will also have an origin and a definition. Explain to him that just as his name has a meaning, his life has a meaning and purpose that can only be found in God.

OPTION 2: Ask your family to talk about their experiences that were, in their opinion, completely pointless or meaningless. Usually they will not have a problem coming up with examples. How did they react to the activity? How did it affect their motivation or even their performance in other areas?


Today your child learned Naaman was a powerful man in the Syrian army. Your child also learned about a young girl who trusted God. She was a servant to Naaman’s wife. Terrible sores from leprosy appeared on Naaman. God used the young girl to help Naaman. I Can Trust God.


Today your student learned Solomon wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes that life without God is meaningless. He came to understand that it is only God who gives true meaning to life. Your student was challenged to live a life of meaning by knowing and following God.


Your teens explored the introduction to Ecclesiastes as Solomon launched a philosophical study of what makes life meaningful. Watch a documentary or movie about Howard Hughes, the eccentric billionaire who had it all, but became reclusive and psychotic. Help your teens understand that a meaningful life is not about possessions or popularity. What gives your teenager a sense of purpose and fulfillment? Help your teen to find ways to invest more time in those things.