Home Connection Jan 27


Know: I choose to allow love to guide my treatment of and acceptance of my fellow believers.

Think: I choose to allow love to guide my treatment of and acceptance of my fellow believers.

Do: Glorify God by putting others’ needs and desires ahead of our own..


Read Romans 14:1—15:7. There will always be issues on which good people do not see eye to eye. Sometimes the issues are frivolous but sometimes they are crucial. Living in such a way as to be able to overcome these differences and still continue the relationship is of utmost importance.


Glorify God by living in harmony, putting others’ needs ahead of our own. Pray that you and your family will listen to and accept believers who have differing opinions than you.


OPTION 1: We should always put others’ needs before our own, whether that is listening to and learning from those with differing opinions, or making sure we show love to everyone around us. When we love others and sacrifice our time to help others, we are glorifying God. Ask your child for some ideas on how he can help those in his life. Decide on a service project for your family to participate in. This can be for fellow believers within your church or an outreach for the unsaved. Some possible ideas could be to donate old toys, gather blankets and water bottles for the homeless, or cook a meal for an elderly person at your church.

OPTION 2: Share the following items on which people do not see eye to eye. As you call them out, ask your family members to call out which they prefer.
• Coke or Pepsi?
• White or wheat bread?
• Paper or plastic bags?
• MAC or PC?
• iPhone or Android?
• Ford or Chevrolet?
• Football or baseball?
• Starbuck’s or Dunkin Donuts?
We don’t have to agree on everything, even in the same family. We love each other and respect each other’s choices.


Today your child learned obeying shows our love, not only to God, but also to others. He or she heard a Webster Family story where Jamie and his friend obeyed Mr. Webster and they were rewarded for their obedience. I Can Obey God and show my love for Him through my actions.


Today your student learned Romans 14 teaches us about selfless living. We are to follow Jesus’ example in helping, serving, and caring for others. Our words and actions should reflect the Spirit of God, and we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us with our struggles.


Unity and harmony were topics from Romans 14-15 that your teen studied today. Ask your teenager to sing a familiar song, like “Deep and Wide” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” As he or she begins to sing, join in, but choose a different key. (Note: this is hard. You will have to be deliberately off-key. ) See if you can continue singing the entire song in two different keys. Usually one person will pull the other one into their key. Try another song with one of you singing harmony. Talk about the difference in unity and unison. Also talk about the importance to allow for harmony instead of unison when we work with other believers. What one idea can your teen suggest for improving family harmony?