Home Connection Jan 20


Know: We are to submit to those in authority, show love to those around us, and follow the example of Christ.

Think: I will let a submissive spirit guide my attitudes and actions.

Do: Choose to submit to authority, love others, and put on the lifestyle and character of Christ.


Read Romans 13:1-14. While the Greek term for submission or subjection is often debated or denounced in today’s culture, it is a recurring theme throughout the New Testament. It is good and right for believers to live lives of submission as prescribed by the Lord.


Obey those in authority unless it means disobeying God. Pray that you and your family will show love to those around you and show respect to the authority figures in your lives.


OPTION 1: Living a submissive life can be hard sometimes. We might feel like we know better than those in charge, but the Bible tells us that we should always submit to those in authority. The only exception is if obeying them makes you disobedient to God. Play a game of “Simon Says” with your children. Start the game as you normally would, but as you progress add actions that would be disobedient to God. Some examples are “Simon says, hit your brother.” or “Simon says to tell your mom she is mean.” In order to win the game they should be obedient to everything you say except for the actions that would be displeasing to God.

OPTION 2: Talk with your family about submitting to authority. Ask them to name various authority figures we should submit to. Ask them if there is ever a time when we should not submit to these authorities. Discuss how we should respond if someone in authority tells us to do something God tells us not to do. Encourage your children to submit to those in authority this week, beginning with their parents!


Today your child learned obedience brings peace. He or she heard a Webster Family story where Annie’s disobedience caused her to not have peace. When she told her mom what she had done, her mom forgave her. I Can Obey God by obeying those in charge of me.


Today your student learned Romans 13 teaches us to submit to God’s plan for our lives. He or she learned that includes obeying and honoring those whom He has placed in authority over us and loving others. He or she discussed what that means and ways to follow God’s plan.


Romans 13 explores some important questions about living a Spirit-filled life, including our responsibility to the government and our relationships to other believers. Though we are citizens of a heavenly kingdom, we are still to be responsible citizens of an earthly government. Are there occasions when Christians should not obey the government? Talk with your teen about those situations. Romans 13:11 taught that we live in urgent times. With your family, take a newspaper, a globe, a current news magazine, or perhaps your television or computer (to symbolize a newscast), and pray about what is happening in the world. Ask God to give your family wisdom in obeying authority while standing on God’s Word.