Home Connection Jan 13


Know: We are to give our all to God and be transformed by His Word, using our gifts and showing love to others.

Think: Consider every day an opportunity to present myself to God to do His will.

Do: Keep surrendering my life to God, serving and loving others.


Read Romans 12:1-21. Following Christ is the most momentous event one can experience this side of Heaven. Once one experiences this conversion, life is never the same. Beyond the spiritual transformation that occurs, the true believer is ready and willing to give his all for the cause of Christ.


Seek to discover which spiritual gifts you have and use them in the ministries of your church. Pray that you and your family will discover your spiritual gifts and that God will reveal opportunities for you to use them.


OPTION 1: When you become a Christian, God brings you from being an orphan to being His child. He brings you from darkness to light. Your life is transformed for the better, and we owe everything to God for this gift. The only way to thank God for this new life is to give it back to Him. We need to use the gifts God has blessed us with to glorify Him and bless other people. Talk with your child about what your spiritual gifts are and how you use them at home, at work, and at church. Talk with her about what her spiritual gifts might be, and how she can use them to glorify God.

OPTION 2: Discuss with your family how each Bible character below gave, or was willing to give, his or her all for God.
• Abraham
• Elijah
• Samson
• Stephen
• Peter
• Lydia
• John the Apostle
Encourage your family members to give their all to God this week.


Today your child learned God wants us to obey with a happy heart. He or she heard a Webster Family story where Rosie prayed and asked God’s Spirit to help her have a good attitude in obeying. I Can Obey God and He will help me.


Today your student learned Romans 12 teaches us we are to transform our thinking and actions toward God’s way instead of the world’s way. He or she studied different verses in Romans and applied them to different situations to understand how God’s Word can guide us in making choices that please God.


Your teenagers learned vital truths about the Christian walk today as they studied Romans 12. First, our lives must be “living sacrifices,” surrendered to God’s will. Then, we must use our spiritual gifts, the way the Holy Spirit has equipped us to serve the church. Also, love should characterize our interactions with others, as we prefer others above ourselves. Have you helped your teen to identify his or her spiritual gift? Sign up yourself and your teen for our Spiritual Gifts Seminar, led by John Harris. Or, several spiritual gift inventories are available on the Internet. If your teen will take one (or more) of them, you may have a new concept of what your teen can contribute to God’s kingdom. This would help both parent and maturing students to channel their efforts in becoming productive members of the church.