Home Connection Jan 6


Know: In Christ we are free to live under the control and direction of the Spirit.

Think: Consider my priority to be the things that matter to God.

Do: Set my mind on the things of God, allowing Him to make me more and more like Christ.


Read Romans 8:1-39. Every day, sometimes without realizing it, we benefit from freedoms. While the freedoms we enjoy as citizens, employees, and friends are valuable, they pale in comparison to the freedoms found in Christ.


Live confidently in Christ’s unending love. Pray that even during the trials of life, you and your family will lean on God’s love to get you through.


OPTION 1: In Christ, we are free from the penalty of our sins, which is spiritual death. We are free to live as children of God and can rely on Him to get us through difficult times. We are free from hopelessness and can live in His love. When we live in the Spirit, we receive all these benefits and more. Talk with your children about some of the benefits they receive because they live in a house. Some answers may be hot water, a comfy bed, or three meals a day. If they did not live in a house, they would not have access to these. If we do not live in the Spirit, we do not receive the benefits.

OPTION 2: Discuss with your family the fact that whether we realize it or not, our lives consist of numerous freedoms. Discuss what life would be like without the following freedoms. While there are some listed for you, feel free to add your own.
• Freedom of speech
• Freedom of religion
• Freedom of the press
• Freedom of assembly
• The right to own private property


Today your child learned he or she is to obey those whom God has placed over us. He or she heard a Webster Family story where Jamie, Annie, and Rosie chose to obey Mr. Martin when they went sledding. I Can Obey God when I obey others..


This week your student learned Romans 8 teaches us the Holy Spirit gives believers the power to overcome sin, follow God’s way, assures us we are part of God’s family, guarantees our future, prays for us, and loves us. He or she was encouraged to ask the Holy Spirit for help in leading a life pleasing to God.


Romans 8, the passage your teen studied today, emphasizes living as a child of the King, free from condemnation, hopelessness, and insecurity. Talk about Prince Harry and Prince William, grandsons of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain. What insecurities would they have? What does it mean to be an heir to royalty? What comparisons or contrasts can your teen make between his or her position as a child of God and the monarchy of Great Britain? When Meghan Markle joined the royal family last year, what changed about her life? We are free from our pasts—no longer penalized for our sins—when we accept Jesus as our Savior. Because of our relationship with Him, we can be free from sin, from sin’s penalty, and from the Law.