Home Connection Week of Dec 23


Know: Joseph and the wise men displayed wisdom in their responses to God’s leading at the birth of Christ.

Think: Consider it my joy to respond to God’s leading with obedience.

Do: Worship the Savior born to us and follow His leading.


Read Matthew 1:18—2:12. Herod constantly feared that others were plotting to take his place. He murdered any opponents, even in his family! Constantly on the alert for conspiracy, he became deaf to the voice of conscience that God had given to him. Mary, Joseph, the magi, and the shepherds, however, listened to God’s voice. Rejoice today in what came of their listening obedience.


Be willing to do whatever God leads you to do. Pray that you and your family will listen for God’s direction in your life, and trust that He knows what is best.


OPTION 1: As Christians we need to be willing and ready to do whatever God calls us to do. We have to always be on the lookout for God’s leading in our daily lives, just like the wise men had to follow the star. When the wise men followed the star, they found Jesus and worshipped Him. In the same way, we should seek to worship and glorify God with everything we have. Talk with your children about the gifts they want for Christmas, and the gifts they are giving to other people. Talk with them about the different gifts they can give to God each day, like their time, their talents, and their thankfulness.

OPTION 2: The wise men worshipped Jesus when they found Him and they gave Him gifts. Ask your family to name reasons why Jesus is worthy of our worship. Encourage them to give Him their worship as a gift to Him this Christmas.


Today your child learned an angel appeared to shepherds in a field and told them about the birth of Jesus. They wanted to see this special gift from God. They quickly went to where the angel said He would be. Jesus Is God’s Son.


Today your student learned the wise men were dedicated seekers, were humble worshipers, and were sacrificial givers. We use wisdom when we follow their example in our relationship with Jesus. Your child was challenged to seek Jesus and worship Him, just as the wise men did.


For a Christmas lesson in the middle of a study of Proverbs, it makes sense to study the wise men. Joseph is another character who is often overlooked in the Christmas story. Joseph dealt wisely with Mary and baby Jesus as he followed God’s directions. Ask your teen about two times that he did. Though legends have added to the account of the visit of the magi, we do know they traveled from the East, followed the star, brought three different kinds of gifts, and were intent on worshipping Jesus, the newborn king. As a wise family this Christmas, what can you give Jesus? Be intentional in creating a new focus on giving. In all the hubbub and gift giving, don’t forget to worship Him!