Home Connection Dec 16


Know: Those who are wise practice righteous living.

Think: Consider righteous living to be the only wise way to live.

Do: Practice righteous living and teach it to the next generation.


Read Proverbs 23:24-25; 19:1; 29:23; 5:1-8. Although the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, that often occurs in the context of a home and family. Proverbs tells us much about how to do that. Among other things, it gives precious warnings about honesty, humility, and faithfulness in all things, including our marriage vows.


Always be truthful and do what is right even when no one is looking. Pray that you and your family will live righteous lives even when its hard. Thank God that He is always there to help us make wise choices.


OPTION 1: Just like we have to go to school to learn math and proper grammar, we have to work hard to acquire wisdom. One way we can gather wisdom is by watching it lived out by those around us. But what will a life of wisdom look like? A life of wisdom is filled with honesty, integrity, and humility. Talk with your child about ways they can show honesty, integrity, and humility in their lives. Have your child list some of the mentors in her life that have shown her what righteous living looks like. Encourage her to write them thank you notes for showing her what godly wisdom is supposed to look like in a Christian’s life.

OPTION 2: Put this statement up where everyone can read it, and ask for comment: THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE. What does it mean? What do we usually think of statements or people that we cannot firmly identify as true or false?


Today your child learned Mary gave birth to baby Jesus while they were in Bethlehem. Mary wrapped her baby in cloths and placed Him in a manger, a long box for animals to eat from. Jesus Is God’s Son and He is a special gift.


Today your student learned that much of the book of Proverbs requires action. He or she learned God’s Word helps us listen wisely, speak wisely, look wisely, and walk wisely in order to live wisely. Your student was challenged to use God’s Word to help him or her use wisdom to live a life of integrity.


Three areas where wisdom is applied to life were part of your teens’ study from the book of Proverbs today: honesty, humility, and purity. All of these are important topics for teenagers. Which one of these areas would your teen say is the biggest struggle for her? Provide additional accountability for your teenager in that area. Together, brainstorm five ways to improve in that area, then check in weekly to be sure your teen is making progress. Ask your teen to write and share his own proverb about the area he chose—using words to make an analogy about the benefit of honesty (or humility or purity).