Home Connection Oct 28


Know: Because of our union with Christ by faith, we are to consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to worship and serve God.

Think: Sin no longer rules in my life. I am now free to serve Christ.

Do: Live for and serve Christ in the peace and joy that salvation brings.


Read Romans 6:1-23. Some Roman believers apparently did not know that salvation in Christ included non-optional obedience and service to Him. Paul worked hard to help them see that they could not escape service, and that they should serve their new Master just as ardently as they served the old one, the devil.


Joyfully choose to serve Christ each day according to His will. Pray that you and your family will seek out God’s will for your lives through prayer, Scripture, and godly counsel.


OPTION 1: When we become Christians, we become reborn. Our lives are no longer controlled by our sinful natures, but we have freedom in Christ. With this freedom, we can give our lives to God to bring Him glory. Play a game with your children. Gather some rolls of toilet paper, and wrap them each up with the toilet paper so that they look like a mummy. Explain to them that the toilet paper is sin, because of it they are trapped. Then, instruct them to break free from the paper, and explain that with Christ they are set free from the sins that used to enslave them.

OPTION 2: A song from decades ago said that It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody! What do we think about that line? How much do we agree with it? What about the unbelievers we know?


Today your child learned one day, over 5000 people followed Jesus and His disciples because they wanted to learn from Him. The people became hungry, and Jesus used a young boy’s lunch to feed them. The disciples saw Jesus do amazing things. We can love, obey, and follow Jesus like the disciples did. I Can Follow Jesus like they did.


Today your student learned that he or she has freedom from sin through Jesus. When a person accepts God’s gift of forgiveness, he or she lives under the freedom of God’s grace. God gave the Holy Spirit to His followers to help us make choices that please Him. He or she learned God’s Word tells us that, as believers, God has given us the gift of eternal life with Him.


Because of Jesus, we are no longer in slavery to sin. Romans 6 teaches that we are dead to sin and freed to become slaves of God (verse 22). How will your teenager prove this week that he or she no longer serves sin? Is there a family service project that you can take on together? You can serve God as His hands and feet in your community. You may rake leaves for an elderly neighbor, serve at a soup kitchen, weed the shrubs at a local school, or paint the playground equipment at a local park. Find some way you can do “slave labor” to remind yourselves that you are servants of the King.