Home Connection Week of Sept 30


Know: Elijah stood alone for the true God against hundreds of prophets of false gods. God proved He was the true God by sending fire to consume an offering.

Think: The assurance that I serve the one true God gives me courage to stand for His truth.

Do: Stand for the truth of God no matter the odds or circumstances.


Read 1 Kings 18:19-46. While boldness and conviction seem to be out of the norm today, there are still issues for which we should continue to stand. As difficult as this may be, it is necessary for our own sake and for the cause at hand.


Stand confidently for the truth knowing God will use it to bring Himself glory. Pray that you and your family will seek to glorify God in every situation, and that you will be confident to always stand for the truth.


OPTION 1: Elijah seemed to be alone when standing for the truth against the priests of Baal. However, God was on his side, and because Elijah was courageous and confident in God, God’s glory was revealed to many people. Talk with your child about how it is important to stand for what is right. Even when everyone around her is making poor decisions, she should have peace when standing for truth knowing that God will take care of her. Have her keep a prayer journal where she writes out her prayers. Tell her that prayers come in all shapes and sizes and that what matters is our belief that God will be faithful and our desire for His will to be done.

OPTION 2: Remind your family that all of us have issues, positions, or people that we would willingly and boldly stand up for. Share the following items and ask whether they would stand for these things and to state why or why not. (Feel free to use your own list if you prefer)
• Family
• Political views
• Biblical doctrines such as the virgin birth of Jesus or the deity of Christ
• Clothing brand names
• Jesus as my Savior


Today your child learned Solomon reminded the people how the Lord took care of them and allowed him to build the Temple. Solomon faced the altar and prayed. When he was done, a cloud representing God’s presence filled the Temple. I Can Worship the Lord through my prayer too.


Today your student learned Elijah challenged Ahab to offer a sacrifice to his god, and Elijah would offer one to his God. The false god, Baal, did not respond to Ahab and the people’s prayers. The true God answered Elijah’s prayer with fire that burned up everything on and around the altar. This biblical example can encourage your student to stand for truth to his or her peers.


Elijah was a colorful Old Testament character who continued to be on the minds of people in New Testament times. The apex of his ministry, recounted in 1 Kings 18, was the challenge to the 450 prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel. He took a stand for God and, in spite of the odds, was victorious. (When your teen studies depression in November, Elijah will show up again in that battle.) Two things the New Testament commends Elijah for are his boldness (Luke 1:16-17) and his powerful prayers (James 5:17-18). Ask your teen about the connection between boldness and prayer. Remind your teen of answered prayer in your family. Reflecting on God’s faithfulness in the past builds our confidence in a God who hears and answers prayer.