Home Connection Week of Sept 16


Know: Rehoboam rejected wise counsel and made a foolish decision that led to the kingdom being divided.

Think: I will base my decisions on wise and godly counsel.

Do: Seek out and follow wise and godly counsel.


Read 1 Kings 12:1-33. Wisdom is an oft-confused topic. While God grants wisdom to His followers, true wisdom always comes from Heaven and is intended to be followed by believers.


Go to God’s Word, and to wise and godly people for counsel. Pray that you and your family will find godly mentors who can help guide you toward God.


OPTION 1: When Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, became king he sought counsel on how to lead his kingdom. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong people to listen to, and it led to the eventual division of his kingdom. Talk with your child about how it is important for him to have role models in his life to guide him in godly wisdom. Talk about the spiritual mentors in your life and situations where they shared wisdom with you. Have your child list some of his mentors or people who could be potential mentors. Have your child write a note to his mentors thanking them for their guidance and godly wisdom.

OPTION 2: Ask your family members to name an individual that they consider to be “wise.” As they share the names, ask the following questions.
• What about this person makes you consider them wise?
• Think of a specific time in which they helped you. What wisdom did they share with you during that time?
• Did you take their advice and act on the wisdom they shared?
• Can we still consider a person to be wise if we refuse to listen to and follow what they say?


Today your child learned King Solomon built the beautiful Temple on Mount Moriah. The Temple was filled with wonderful things, including two large golden angel statues in the temple. King Solomon worshiped God. I Can Worship the Lord too.


Today your student learned Rehoboam was crowned king after Solomon’s death. He did not make wise choices as his father had. Ten tribes of Israel chose to make a man named Jeroboam their king. At first, Jeroboam led the people to worship God, but then he disobeyed God and built idols for the people to worship. Your student was reminded how the words and actions of others can influence our choices.


Rehoboam was Solomon’s son, but he lacked his father’s wisdom. Though he asked for counsel when he became king, he listened to the wrong people. Talk with your teenagers about the two groups that Rehoboam listened to (1 Kings 12:6-11). Did the ages of the counselors make any difference? Why would the advice of the older counselors be more trustworthy than the advice of Rehoboam’s contemporaries? Would this always be true? Whose opinions matter most to your teenager? Suggest that your teens make a test case. Have them identify an issue (saving money, good habits, safe driving, when to get married, what kind of person to marry, what career to choose, or something with similar weight). Instruct them to ask for advice from two different groups—their circle of friends and an older group (perhaps their grandparents or older people at church). Compare the responses of the two groups and ask your teen to evaluate them.