Home Connection Sept 9-15


Know: After God’s glory filled the temple, Solomon dedicated the temple by praying for God to confirm His word and show mercy and favor to His people when they called on Him.

Think: Live with the awareness that God is always with me.

Do: Walk in loving obedience to God, praising Him for His mercy, help, and presence in my life.


Read 1 Kings 8:1-61. Of all the structures ever built, the Temple of Solomon has no equal. Some estimate that to build such a structure and furnish it today would cost an estimated $174 billion.


When we sin we should humbly repent and call out to God for forgiveness and help. Pray that when you and your family mess up, you will seek out God’s forgiveness, instead of trying to hide your sin from Him.


OPTION 1: When the Temple construction had been completed, King Solomon was excited because there was finally a place where God could reveal His presence to His people. God manifested his presence in the form of a cloud that filled the Temple. Solomon dedicated the Temple in a prayer thanking God for his faithfulness and forgiveness. Explain to your children that just like the Temple was a place for God to dwell and to point others to Him, our bodies are the same. When they accept Christ as their Savior, God’s presence dwells in them through the Holy Spirit, and they can use their lives to show others His love.

OPTION 2: Allow your family members to share the most extravagant buildings or structures that they have seen. Ask the following questions.
• What about those structures stood out to you? What was the first thing that you noticed?
• Do you know what the structures cost to build? If not, what would you surmise that the cost would be?
• Was the structure being used for the purpose for which it was designed and built?


Today your child learned King Solomon decided to build a place of worship called a temple for the people of Israel to worship God. When we worship the Lord, we show Him how much we love Him. I Can Worship the Lord because I love Him.


Today your student learned King Solomon built a temple for the people of Israel to be able to worship God together. When it was completed, Solomon brought the Ark of the Covenant into the Most Holy Place, the place that represented God’s presence to the people. He prayed and dedicated the building to God. Your student was encouraged to seek God’s presence through prayer and time with Him.


Solomon made his father David’s dream come true when he built the Temple in Jerusalem (1 Kings 6). This was an extraordinary building, acclaimed by all who saw it and a testimony to the majesty of God. As the Tabernacle before it, all of the construction and furnishings were intentional and majestic. God’s presence came visibly to dwell in the Temple. What if your church house also had visible evidence of God’s presence? Would it help your family to worship? Is your church building a testimony to the Lord? Solomon’s prayer of dedication included a plea for forgiveness for the nation of Israel. How can his prayer be a model for ours?