Home Connection Sep 2


Know: Because Solomon asked for wisdom to lead God’s people rightly, God gave Solomon great wisdom, as well as riches, honor, and the opportunity for a long life.

Think: I will value wisdom above riches and fame.

Do: Choose to seek out and live by the wisdom of God’s Word.


Read 1 Kings 2:1-4; 3:3-15. Our decisions and choices are an integral part of who we are and carry significant implications for our lives. This passage shows us how Solomon responded when presented an opportunity to choose anything He wanted.


Pursue the wisdom and knowledge of God rather than worldly riches and fame. Pray that you and your family will be able to  withstand the temptations of the world and choose to seek out Godly virtues.


OPTION 1: The Lord appeared to Solomon and told him that he would receive anything he asked. Solomon’s answer pleased the Lord when he asked for wisdom instead of riches or long life. Because Solomon chose God’s way, God blessed Solomon with all three gifts: wisdom, riches, and long life. Explain to your child that wisdom is how she can figure out God’s will for her life. When we seek wisdom, we are pleasing God, and He will bless us with other good things. You can show your child this concept by rewarding him throughout the week when he chooses God’s way. These rewards can be small, like words of affirmation, or big, like a special night out to a favorite restaurant.

OPTION 2: Lead your family in an exercise illustrating the number of, and type of, choices individuals make on a daily basis. Ask the following questions and have your family members raise their hands to indicate which of the two items they would choose:
• Coke or Pepsi?
• Paper or plastic?
• Coffee or tea?
• White or wheat?
• Fruit or vegetables?
• Obedience or disobedience?


Today your child learned King Solomon followed the Lord. He led the people of Israel to God’s meeting tent so they could worship the Lord. He
asked God for wisdom to lead his people the right way. I Can Worship the Lord like Solomon.


Today your student learned the history of leadership before King Solomon. After he was crowned king, God offered him anything he wanted. Solomon asked for wisdom to lead his people and know right from wrong. King Solomon was known for his wisdom, and he chose to love and follow God’s way, just as his father, David, did. Your student can learn from Solomon’s example the importance of choosing God’s way.


Though God offered to grant any request from Solomon, in 1 Chronicles 3, the new king asked for wisdom instead of riches, fame, or long life. God
was very pleased with this request. Wisdom is different from knowledge. Wisdom enables us to make good decisions, seeing more than facts but
also their implications and long-term results. Talk with your teen about the importance of wisdom and how to develop it even as a teenager. Encourage her or him to be deliberate about growing toward maturity by building relationships with wise people and asking God for wisdom (James 1:5). What upcoming decision do you and your teen need to pray together about?