Home Connection July 29


Know: The Lord alone is our source of help, hope, and forgiveness.

Think: I am always conscious of the fact that I need God in every area of life.

Do: Look to God for help in all areas of our lives.


Read Psalms 121; 127; 130. Life brings us a wide variety of experiences: everything from danger and difficulty to home and family to struggles with sin and temptation. We can turn to the Lord for help in every situation.


Seek God’s wisdom, guidance, and power for everything we do. Pray that in every situation you and your family will go to God first for how to handle things.


Option 1: Someone can go through his or her whole life doing great things for other people, but if those things are not done for the Lord, then they are worth nothing. As Christians, we need to do all things for the glory of God and seek God’s plan above our own. God alone deserves all the honor and glory. Talk with your child about how she can give glory to God throughout her day. Tell him that he can use the daily routines of his day to worship God, like his class time, sports practices, choir practices, etc. Worship is not just singing to God on Sundays, it is a choice that we make every day to honor God in all things.

Option 2: Ask your family members to think of a time when they found themselves uneasy and feeling like they might be in danger. What was the situation? What made them uncomfortable? When did they begin to feel better about the situation?


Today your child learned King Saul’s son, Jonathan, was a special friend to David. Jonathan reminded his father of all the good David had done, but Saul still wanted to harm him. He or she learned the Spirit of the Lord kept David from harm. He or she learned Psalm 23:6 tells us God gives us goodness and mercy in our lives. God Takes Care of Me.


Today your student studied different songs of worship from various Psalms. He or she learned worship begins with a relationship. We can worship God through singing, listening, obeying, giving, serving, praying, and loving others. We can worship God anywhere we are.

Encourage your child to go even deeper in God’s Word with Jesus Time.  NEW studies each week.


Psalms 121, 127, and 130 are among the “songs of assent,” sung by travelling Jews as they climbed to the temple for worship. Your teen studied these three psalms today: one about God as our help, one about God as the foundation for all of our work and blessings and family, and one about God as our hope. Ask her if she has a favorite and why.