Home Connection July 22


Know: God’s love for us is never-ending.

Think: I let God’s great love for me guide the way I think, choose, and act.

Do: Praise God for His unfailing love and call on Him for help.


Read Psalm 118. Lasting love is a rare commodity in our culture, but even the longest lasting love on earth is nothing compared to the enduring love of God. We have someone on our side whose love endures forever.


We build our lives on the foundation of Christ and what He has done for us. Pray that you and your family will evaluate what you are building your lives on, making sure that you are building it on Christ the solid rock.


Option 1: There are many different types of love in our culture: our love for our spouse, our children, our friends, our pets, and our favorite food. All of these loves look a little different, but the ultimate love is God’s love for us. God’s love will last
forever no matter what choices we make. Explain to your children that God’s love for us is like parents’ love for their children. No matter what choices their children make, they will always love and want what is best for them. A parent’s love is wonderful, but it isn’t perfect because humans mess up. Yet, we have a heavenly Father who loves us with a perfect love.

Option 2: Ask your family members to give examples of married couples they know who stuck together and demonstrated love for one another over a long period of time. Who were these people? How did they maintain their love for each other? How is their example different from many marriages today?


Today your child learned as David became older, he won many battles because God was with him. King Saul became jealous and tried to harm
David, but God kept him safe. He or she learned Psalm 23:5 tells us our Shepherd watches over us. God took care of David, and God Takes Care
of Me.


Today your student studied Psalm 118, a song of God’s love. He or she learned God’s love lasts forever. God is good. He demonstrated His love to
us by sending His Son, Jesus, as the foundation of our salvation. We are to give thanks to God by praising Him. We can be certain of God’s love for us, and we are to show our love for Him through our obedience.

Encourage your child to go even deeper in God’s Word with Jesus Time.  NEW studies each week.


God’s love for us is never-ending, Psalm 118 teaches. Your teens need that truth and heard it in their classes today. Some adolescents struggle with
feeling loved, but the Lord has promised that He is dependable and His love endures forever. Our response to God’s love is praise. (Can you find some praise songs you know in these verses?) We also respond to Him in love: we love Him because of His love for us.