Home Connection 6/24


Know: God’s grace and power are best displayed in our weakness.

Think: I will live with the assurance that God will give me the grace and strength I need for every situation.

Do: Learn to be content when facing difficulty, knowing God will use it for His glory and my good.


Read 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. While grace is often spoken of in the Christian realm, it is a term that is often misunderstood or underappreciated. God gives grace to believers to strengthen them and help them through difficult times.


Give Christ the credit and glory for everything we accomplish. Pray that you and your family will focus on who is responsible for all the good and bad things that happen in our lives. Pray that you will remember to give God the glory He deserves.


Option 1: We are imperfect, but through our weaknesses and difficulties God’s strength and glory shine greater. When we think we don’t have the ability to go on, God still uses us to lead others to Him. Have your children sit around a table with a cup of new soda and a cup of flat soda. Have them take turns putting raisins into both cups. (Don’t put too many raisins in or it will mess up the experiment.) Explain to them that the flat soda is like someone relying on his own strength, but the new soda is someone relying on God’s strength. When we rely on God and give Him the glory, we accomplish so much more for His kingdom.

Option 2: Begin by asking your family members to give examples of when God gave someone in the Bible the grace and strength to persevere during a time of difficulty or weakness. What was the difficulty? How did God help that person?


Today your child learned James 1:22 tells us that we are to be doers of God’s Word and not just hearers. He or she learned through the example of the Webster family how to help others. The Bible Teaches Me to Be Helpful, and we are to obey God’s Word.


Today your student learned God gave Paul a thorn in the flesh to keep him humble. Paul asked God to remove it, but God said no. Paul learned God’s power was with him, and God placed other believers in Paul’s life to help him. Your student also learned that God gives us the Bible to make us stronger, and we have His Holy Spirit and other believers to help us.


If God shines brightest in our weaknesses, what is glowing about you? Your teen studied 2 Corinthians 12 this week with the passage about Paul’s disability. We are tempted to brag about the things we do well. Instead, how can your teenager see his weakness as an opportunity for God to be honored? Parent, be transparent about your own struggles and the way God has met your needs.