Home Connection June 17


Know: We are to live blameless and obedient lives that point people to Christ.

Think: Cultivate a desire to be a pure dwelling place for God’s Spirit.

Do: Be growing in holiness, separating myself from all sin.


Read 2 Corinthians 6:1—7:1. Growth is a natural and important facet of our lives. When physical growth is stunted, the doctors recognize that there must be a problem. Spiritually speaking, we are to be growing as well. We are to be pure in all aspects of life and growing in holiness and spiritual maturity.


Choose carefully whom we allow to influence us. Pray that you and your family will not let opposition from unbelievers sway your beliefs or negatively affect your relationship with God.


Option 1: A believer’s testimony is an important way in which he can lead others toward a relationship with God. That is why we need to make sure we are striving to live pure and holy lives, which can be hard when we are surrounded by evil. Play a game with your child. Have him stand up on a chair and try to pull you up. Then trade places and have him try to pull you down. Explain to him that it is much easier to pull people down than bring them up. One way to protect his testimony is to carefully choose who he allows to influence his decisions.

Option 2: Try and locate a set of Matryoshka dolls. These are hollow wooden dolls which split into a top and bottom half only to reveal additional dolls of decreasing size. (For images of such dolls, search the Internet for nesting dolls.) Lay them all out side-by-side from the smallest to the largest to illustrate the principle of growth for believers. Every believer should be growing spiritually and it is imperative that his or her growth not be stunted or stalled.


Today your child learned 1 Thessalonians 5:11 teaches us to encourage and build each other up. It pleases God when we are helpful and encouraging. He or she learned to obey God’s Word through words and actions because The Bible Teaches Me to Be Helpful.


Today your student heard Paul’s testimony. He or she learned how Paul’s life was transformed after he became a believer in Jesus. His relationship
with Jesus changed his life, and through that, Paul changed other people’s lives through his preaching. Your student learned everyone has a testimony and we are to share it with others.


In examining 2 Corinthians 6 this week, your teenager focused on living a holy life for the sake of the gospel. This means choosing not to be offensive to unbelievers while protecting ourselves from their influence to do wrong. Because peers have such strong influence during adolescent years, encourage your teen to think carefully about which friends help her to live more closely to Christ and which ones pull her away from Him.