Home Connection (5/13/18)


Know: God is the Supreme Being in existence.

Think: Understand the holiness of God as foundational to proper respect and worship.

Do: Worship God with confidence, knowing His ways are truly the best.

Read: Listen to God

Read Exodus 15:1-21; Revelation 4:8-11; 1 Samuel 2:1-3; Isaiah 5:13-25; 6:1-6; Joshua 24:19-28; Ezekiel 39:1-24; Leviticus 19:1-4; Psalm 99; Proverbs 9:7-12; 1 Peter 1:14-21. The God of the Bible is unique; there is no other being like Him. The Bible has a lot to say about God’s holiness and purity, and what that means for our lives.

Pray: Talk to God

We strive to be perfect like our perfect holy God. Thank God for His holiness and perfection and thank Him for His perfect direction in your lives. Pray that you and your family will continue to pursue to be more like Christ.

Do: Walk with God

Option 1: God is perfect, wholly other, set apart, and the only One worthy of our worship. However, there are many things in our world that distract us and divert our attention away from Him. Talk with your child about what modern day idols look like. For example: celebrities, athletes, social media, friends, or significant others can distract us from worshiping God alone. By definition, an idol is anything or anyone that takes away the time and glory that God deserves. Explain to your child that even if he or she is not “worshiping” other gods, putting time, money, and praise to other things before God is idolatry. Pray with your child to identify and remove the idols in his or her life.
Option 2: Ask these questions:
• What is the most unique item you possess?
• What does it mean for something to be unique? (Ultimately it is the fact that no other thing possesses the exact same qualities in the exact same fashion.)
• Why are unique things often considered to be valuable? (There is nothing else like them; they can do something others cannot do; they may have sentimental value.)

Toddlers – Kindergarten

Today your child learned more about the son who spent all his money. He was so hungry he wanted to eat the pigs’ food. So he decided to go home and ask his father if he could be his servant. God loved the son in the story and He loves us too. Awesome means amazing, wonderful, and excellent, and our God Is Awesome.


Today your student learned God is holy, and we are not. Sin separates us from God, and we need His forgiveness. Jesus died for our sin so we can one day be with God in Heaven. God’s Holy Spirit lives in believers to help them love Him and love others. We are God’s reflection in a dark world. He or she was encouraged to follow God’s example of holiness.

Jr. & Sr. High

Teens discussed God’s holiness in this week’s lesson. They learned that understanding God’s holiness is foundational to properly respect and worship Him. They were reminded that God is perfect, and is unlike any other being in existence. They saw that this makes Him worthy of our worship and devotion. Ask your teens how God’s holiness affects our lives. What should we do because He is holy? How should we live because He is holy?