FREE Family Fun Day @ LRCA

FREE Family Fun Day at Camp LRCA

Saturday, May27
8:30      Breakfast
10:00    *Bounce House, Canteen, *Disk Golf (disc’s not supplied), *Gaga, *Carpet Ball and *9 Square Available, *Pool Opens
10:30     Bazooka Ball, *Face Painting Opens, Dunk Ruth Maynard
11:00     Archery Tag, Dunk Mindy Wells,
                  Dining Hall Opens
11:30     Bazooka Ball, Dunk Roland Nightengale 
12:00     Archery Tag, Dunk Mindy Sarlea
12:30     Bazooka Ball, Dunk Preacher Dave

1:00      Archery Tag, Dunk Eric Fournier,
                Dining Hall Closes
1:30      Last Call for Bazooka Ball
2:00      Last Call for Archery Tag, *Face Painting Closes, Dunk Tank Closes
3:00      *Bounce House, *Pool and Canteen Close
6:30      Dinner
7:15 *Main Session with Roland Nightengale and Al Serhal, Executive Director of Hippo Valley Christian Mission
9:30      *Campfire
*Denotes FREE activities. (Meal tickets available for purchase.)
Only one week left
Register by May 31st to receive the current registration prices.  Registrations on or after June 1st will be accepted for camps with openings, but will fall into the third tier pricing level.  Register today online at

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